Main Features

Easy setup of a project due to the general contract items database.  The program provides for maintenance of a general contract items database.  The database has the following fields:  item number, item description, unit, unit price, template, and optional code.  To quickly assemble a new project, one can select and import items from this database to a new project.  Selection is done by clicking the mouse over desired items.  Thus, manual typing is minimized in putting together the contract items in a project.

Estimax's database and project files may be accessed by other database engines.  Estimax's database and project files are Microsoft Access files, which may be easily imported by other Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) databases like dBase, Paradox, Oracle, Sybase, etc.  Of course, MS Access can access them directly.

Replaces bulky Estimate Books.  All data needed for audit purposes are in Estimax's electronic files, and detailed printouts may be made of any item and for any period.  Thus, manual entries in binders and binders of Estimate Books are no longer essential.  If paper reduction is sought, Estimax, with this feature, offers the perfect opportunity.

Prints Estimates ready for Owner-Contractor signatures.  All reports are printed with the 'final' look.  All estimates are printed with subtotals and grand totals in the last page.  Simply add the signature page to complete a document acceptable by the accounting and finance office.

Estimax keeps track of 'overruns' and 'underruns', for each item and for the project total.   As long as the project engineer updates the projected final quantities,  the software will calculate the potential 'overruns' and 'underruns' as compared to the original awarded quantities and dollar amounts.